Outreach Programs

Preparing young girls for successful, career oriented futures free from debt and irresponsible financial decisions through financial education, literacy and entrepreneurship .

Throughout the year, SheWill visits schools, community centers and social clubs to meet with girls and engage in a variety of dynamic and educational programming. Our objectives are to:
  • Implement research based literature created by SheWill
  • Educate young girls on wealth building and a means for protecting ones wealth
  • Assist young girls in the development and recognition of the value in income earning potential

Finances and Fitness Girls’ Summit

This program includes interactive sessions to educate young girls on the importance of financial literacy, career empowerment, nutrition, fitness, and self-esteem. Each girl will leave the summit with a new attitude and the fundamental skills necessary to become successful. Event Facilitators include local bankers, Entrepreneurs, Local Girl Organizations, Nutritionists, Certified Personal Trainers, Zumba Instructors, and SheWill Affiliates.

  • Develop a plan for financial independence
  • Discuss the importance and correlation between living healthy lifestyles and financial literacy

She Will Lead

She Will Lead is not only a program it’s a declaration that our girls will become successful and explore their entrepreneurial potential. Each girl will be inspired to pursue their passions, dream big, challenge their abilities, and realize their inner-strengths.

  • Explore career options
  • Identify Career Goals and develop a plan for achieving them
  • Compare personal skills and interests to various career options.

She Will Be Financially Responsible

Financial literacy is a vital portion of our girl’s future. SheWill provides research-based literacy to educate all participants of the importance of money management. This program includes interactive session the teach budgeting, saving, giving, and a plethora of other financial responsibilities.

  • Plan personal finances and use budget to manage cash flow
  • Develop a plan for saving
  • Consider and explore charitable giving
  • Explain how investing builds wealth

She Will Work

She Will Work equips our girls with the necessary skills to become successful in their occupations. Women from Human Resources, Department Heads, Department of Labor, etc. come together to educate the girls on the importance of preparing for gainful employment.

  • Explore career options
  • Identify sources of personal income
  • Understand factors affecting take-home pay

Pre-Teen to Parenting Financial Literacy Summit

She Will’s Pre-Teen to Parenting Financial Literacy Summit is a joint venture with other organization to educate both Mothers and Daughters on the importance of financial literacy and the benefits thereof. Moms receive tutorials on raising financially savvy kids while the girls gain the necessary knowledge to become money smart. We also provide basic and fundamental investing skills.

  • Organize and plan personal finances
  • Explain how investing builds wealth and helps meet financial goals
  • Describe ways to avoid or correct credit problems
  • Apply consumer skills to purchasing decisions

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

SheWill’s Entrepreneurship Boot Camp prepares our young CEO’s for business ownership. The girls will work on their vision boards, create business plans, research all aspects of start-up planning and have the ability to launch the businesses. The girls become equipped with the necessary skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

  • Develop and understand a business plan
  • Understand business start-up
  • Identify Career goals and develop a plan for achieving them

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