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SheWill, Inc. Paves a New Road to Financial Freedom

When you are financially empowered, you are more able to control many aspects of your life. It’s an essential building block that many people unfortunately don’t seem to receive in their upbringing. This is reflected in the current state of America’s economy, as well as within the rest of the world.

Fortunately, there are brilliant people like Sheena Williams in the world who are working to change things. She is the founder of SheWill, Inc., an organization geared toward improving financial literacy in girls ages eight to 17 and families.

“I teach how to be responsible with money management. I also teach career empowerment and entrepreneurship,” said Williams. “Basically what I do is try to prepare girls for life skills before they graduate high school and go off to college, so they’ll have fundamental financial and career skills before leaving their parents house.”

When Williams graduated from high school, all her dad ever told her was to be responsible with money. And as an 18- year- old living on her own, she didn’t know what that meant. “I made mistakes and I just don’t want the future generation to have to go through those obstacles that I did,” Williams said.

SheWill, Inc. Provides Financial Literacy for Girls, Ages 8 - 17

I would like to introduce you to one of my new financial literacy friends, Sheena Williams. Sheena is the young woman behind SheWill, Inc., an organization dedicated to preparing young girls for "successful, career oriented futures free from debt and irresponsible financial decisions." I originally met Sheena on Twitter, but since she is in the Atlanta area, we have met for breakfast several times and have become good friends. Sheena is truly passionate about teaching financial literacy to young girls and this passion shines through in her work.

What inspired you to start SheWill, Inc.?

I was personally affected by the economic recession. Being laid-off from 3 jobs in 2 years really places a strong emphasis on the importance of financial management skills. I realized I had not been educated on taking the proper precautions when dealing with drastic changes in your finances. Statistics show 2 out of 3 women ages 18-35 feel they do not have enough financial education. I wanted to change this statistic and help young girls avoid some of the financial mistakes I made. Irresponsible financial decisions could potentially paralyze a young girl’s future. If they receive the necessary education early on, they will fully equipped to take on financial responsibilities. Read More

Local Organization Helps Girls Prepare for the Future

As she was growing up, Sheena Williams was encouraged by her father to save her money and use it wisely. So when she moved out on her own she was good about paying her rent and bills.

With the down turn in the economy things changed for Williams and during a two year period she went through a series of three different jobs and found that she wasn’t prepared for the drastic change in her finances.

Williams realized that she should not have been paying only her bills but also saving and investing. She said, “That’s when I began to learn the value of delayed gratification.”

So back to school she went; this time to grad school for a masters degree in business administration. With that degree in hand and a passion to help young girls avoid the financial stress she had experienced, Williams founded the not for profit organization SheWill. Read More


Destiny, 12

You are awesome at teaching people. I learned about saving money and not to spend it on unnecessary thing. It not great to spend what you don’t need. I will spend money on what I do need. I had fun learning from you.

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Andrea, 12

I had so much fun today. I learned about the economy. So this is the best time ever. I’ll make sure I’ll spend less money. Andrea, 12

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Madeline, 10

Thank you for coming and teaching us about saving money. I learned what it was like to save and spend money in a recession. It was really fun. I also learned about the economy. I really appreciated it. Thank you again. Madeline, 10

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Taylor, 10

Thank you for coming and telling us about the Great Depression. The games were fun. I learned that you are not suppose to spend your money on stuff you do not need. Taylor, 10

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Jaliya, 10

Thank you for coming to teach us this lesson about spending our money. I have learned a lot today. Now I know how it felt to be in the Great Depression. I felt really sad about losing my money. This was a fun lesson. I learned about how to spend my money only on things…

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Haleigh, 9

Thank you for everything you did for our class.  Please come back I will miss you.  Haleigh, 9

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Erika, 8

Thank you for teaching us about money and for helping us to understand how you work. Erika, 8

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Makayla, 8

Thank you for teaching me everything I need to know about business.  Makayla, 8

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Courtney Murray

We had the pleasure of presenting a workshop at SheWill’s First Annual Finances and Fitness Girls Summit in August 2012. Our workshop: “Picking the Right College and the Right Major For You!” gave us a chance to speak with the girls about how to strategically pick the schools and majors that the girls would be…

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Jolie Collins

I was very impressed with the young ladies.  They were knowledgeable of some banking options.  I delivered information on budgets, how to plan for their futures, and savings accounts.  I would strongly recommend SheWill and the services they provide.  The young girls learned valuable information and the other volunteers were engaged as well.  I really…

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